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Nothing can replace street level intel

People have asked me if the gun registry would have saved the three Moncton officers last June. Given that the suspect was unknown to police, had no criminal record and only a few firearms but plenty of ammunition, I answer "no... but possibly."

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The Victoria Police Department (VicPD) will be in the national spotlight this summer when it co-hosts, along with the Canadian Forces Military Police Group, the 109th annual CACP conference August 24 to 27.

Victoria is recognized as a world-class destination and capital city of British Columbia. What is less well-known is that is also the centre of business, commerce and entertainment for southern Vancouver Island. Its western neighbour, the Township of Esquimalt, is a vibrant and picturesque community and home base for more than a century to Canada's Pacific Naval Fleet.


Search after 9-1-1 call not unreasonable

Police do not necessarily need to believe the occupants of a home on a 9-1-1 call, the Ontario Court of Appeal has said.


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Tweets help criminals flee, police say

Aug 14 2014

SEATTLE - Police in Washington state are asking the public to stop tweeting during shootings and manhunts to avoid accidentally telling the bad guys what officers are doing.

The “TweetSmart’’ campaign began in late July by a coalition of nine agencies, including the Washington state patrol and the Seattle police, and aims to raise awareness about social media’s potential impact on law enforcement.

Some have called the effort a step that could lead to censorship; others dismissed it as silly. Police, however, say it’s just a reminder at a time when cellphones and social networks can hasten the lightning-quick spread of information.