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In the shadow of the Creator

The recent Supreme Court ruling that Metis and non-status Indians are indeed "Indians" under the Canadian Constitution will mean either a serious rehabilitation or complete reconstruction of the Indian Act. Along with the government's heavy lifting I hope the ruling will renew interest in self determination of native policing needs.

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Policing North America's tourist Mecca

More than a million tourists and visitors regularly flood into the Niagara Region, more than doubling the area's year-round population of 427,000. Policing such a vast, varied and transient population presents some very unique challenges.

The Niagara Region lies on the edge of the Greater Toronto Area and covers approximately 1,850 square kilometers. There are 12 unique municipalities, with urban communities such as Niagara Falls and St. Catharines and rural areas such as Wainfleet and West Lincoln.

The region is bordered by Lake Ontario to the north, Lake Erie to the south and the Niagara River and New York State to the east. The region has approximately 161 kilometers of shoreline and 1,500 square kilometers of international water surrounding its borders.


Military Police - 75 years and counting

With a strength of more 1,200, the Canadian Forces Military Police (CFMP) is one of the largest policing agencies in Canada.




Manitoba's highest Court has upheld the taking of penile swabs as an incident to arrest for a sexual assault victim's DNA.

In R. v. Laporte, 2016 MBCA 36 the accused approached a 38-year-old woman waiting for a taxi in December 2007. He said he had a knife, told her to follow him into a building and hit and punched her, fracturing her nose and other facial bones. He then forced the woman to have sex with him.

Laporte was arrested shorty after this crime and police took penile swabs without his consent at the station without any physical objection. He was allowed to call his lawyer prior to the swabs being taken and was subsequently released from custody some 11 months later in November 2008.


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Forcillo gets six years for streetcar shooting

July 28, 2016

TORONTO - A Toronto police officer has been sentenced to six years in prison for gunning down a troubled teen on an empty streetcar in 2013.

Const. James Forcillo was convicted of attempted murder in the death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim, which was captured on a cellphone video that went viral and spurred public outrage in Toronto.

Wearing a dark suit, Forcillo stood straight and stone-faced as he was handcuffed. Murmurs ran through the courtroom as Justice Edward Then delivered his sentence. Yatim's parents looked at Forcillo, then turned to one another in silence.