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Knowing the difference makes a healthy society

Police officers and soldiers have different duties; a fact both must understand when the other takes over. This principle of police and military being willing to relinquish control – and take it back – is what makes a stable and safe society and country. The events in Ferguson, Missouri dramatically emphasize this point.

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Crime Stoppers is extremely effective at fighting crime, but most people, including many police officers, have no idea how the program operates. There is a general consensus that Crime Stoppers is a snitch line operated by police for gutter dwellers to squeal on other street lizards, but that is completely false.

The newly-published 304-page book – What is Crime Stoppers – dispels the misconceptions, confusion and misunderstanding that people have of the crime-solving concept that came into existence 38 years ago.


CASE LAW - Preservation concern may justify night search

The disposable nature of items sought in a search warrant can provide the grounds necessary to authorize the night time search of a residence.


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MacKay disagrees with Paulson on pot

Sep 24 2014

OTTAWA – Justice Minister Peter MacKay says he disagrees with the country’s top cop on his assessment that marijuana isn’t “as big a deal as it used to be.” ‘He’s a police officer. He has views but I personally disagree,” MacKay said Wednesday.

In an interview with Global News, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said cultivating marijuana “is not important anymore” and that he’s more concerned with eradicating impaired driving involving both alcohol and drugs.

“I don’t think marijuana usage is as big a deal as it used to be,” Paulson said.