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Breeding contempt for the law

Photo radar and four-way stops breed public contempt and a good indication of traffic engineering being usurped by municipal politicians... There is no easy or cheap fix to traffic safety and a lot more grey matter must be brought to bear on how and why we do enforcement, but one thing is certain. Photo radar in school zones is not the answer and symptomatic of a poorly managed police service.

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A Regional Partnership

They go by various acronyms – SWAT, TST, ERT, ERU, TRU. Most large police services have either full or part time tactical units, which have become integral to safely and effectively dealing with today's policing environment.

Smaller municipal services typically rely on established teams due to personnel and cost restrictions but not so in the Pembina Valley area of Manitoba, located 100 km south of Winnipeg. During the summer of 2014, the Altona, Morden, and Winkler police services took the first steps to creating their own unique multi-jurisdictional regional team, a first in Manitoba.

Cst. Jon Goertzen of the Morden Police Service began the process in December 2013 after noticing a trend. The three services had executed 14 CDSA search warrants over the last year. The warrant writers were busy and making headway in combating local drug networks, which at that time were primarily handling cocaine.


Vehicle inventory justifies search

Ontario's highest court has upheld the search of an abandoned vehicle and discovery of a hidden handgun on the basis of conducting an inventory.

In R. v. Ellis, 2016 ONCA 598 a police officer spotted an Acura and VW apparently street racing at about 12:28 AM, going some 30-40 km/h over the speed limit. He followed and chose to pursue the Acura into a residential area. It turned down a dead-end street and was found parked in a driveway between two houses.

The officer saw a man in an oversized white t-shirt walking away from the car toward the back of the houses as he pulled up.


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Crime rate drop is misleading

Sep 23 2016

HALIFAX - Statistics suggesting crime rates in Canada have been falling for decades may not tell the whole story when it comes to criminal wrongdoing, the chief of Halifax Regional Police said.

Jean-Michel Blais said there are indications that the nature of crime is changing in a way that is not reflected in traditional crime data.

"And this crime is not being committed by your neighbour, and probably not someone here in Nova Scotia or even in Canada,'' he said in an interview. "It's being committed by somebody in a different country.''